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Mission Statement 

The goal of Bristol Organizations is to provide service and non-profit Organizations in the NE Tennessee and SW Virginia, the best possible avenue for mutual communication and the greatest exposure to the community.







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Policy & Procedure Library
Complete list of documents

All Volunteer Organizations
All Hands On Board (PDF)

A manual for All Volunteer Organizations

Distilling you message (PDF)
Getting the word out (PDF)
Strategic Planning 
   Effective Strategic Planning (PDF)

20 Mistakes
Fundraising Readiness Checklist
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Take charge of your fundraising efforts on social media by understanding the opportunities that Facebook (and other platforms) can provide your non-profit organization. In this session, Cindy Hagemann will teach you some marketing tips and tricks to better promote your events and fundraising campaigns.


Our meeting will be on Monday, April 23, 2018, at the Food City, Euclid Ave., Bristol, VA location, in the second floor community room from 11:30 to 1:00 pm.  Lunch is $10.00 if you eat and FREE if you do not eat.

Please RSVP to Gary McGeough, email: or phone: 423-646-4982



Informing the Publilc (PDF)
Outcome Measurement
Demistifying (PDF)
Leadership for Board Members (PDF)
Systems Checklist
Get Checklist (MS Word)

Board Manual
Audit Services
List of Audit Firms (MSWord)
Good Practices Guide
Non Profit Good Practices
Board Recruiting Matrix
   Sample Board Matrix (MS Word)
Free Downloads
   Kim Konando Downloads (web)

More Free Software
Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Implications
Implications for Non Profits (MS Word)
Get Corporate Sponsorships
   How can my small charity get sponsorships (MS Word)
Samples and Templates
   Various sample letters, templates, etc. (MS Word)
Specialized  Organnization/Board Workshops

Faith and Organizations Project


This resource offers guidance for faithbased organizations (FBOs) on developing support for their work, particularly in relation to their connections with the faith community (e.g. a sponsoring congregation, denomination or faith tradition). It is designed for staff and board members of FBOs, as well as leaders in the faith community, and organizations that resource and train FBOs. 

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Guides, Reports & Plans

120 Day Fundraising Plan

A year of funding ideas

Anatomy of a Successful Fundraiser

Audit 101- -Guide to Fundamentals

Guide to Peer to Peer Fundraising

Best Practices Checklist

Board Member Handbook

Boards Reviewing IRS 990 - Checklist

Communications Strategy Guide

Complete Donor Thank You Guide

Compliance Guide for Public Charities

Crisis Communications Plan

Donor Retention Handbook

Emergency Communications Checklist

Fiscal Policies and Proced. Template

Guide - Faith Based Fundraising

Guide to Annual Reports

Guide to Customer Service

Guide to Grow Online Support

Guide to Marketing Wisdom

Guide to Peer to Peer Fundraising

Guide to Pitching Corporate Sponsors

Guide to Special Events

How to Build Trust w/ Internal Controls

How to Hold Great Fundraising Events 

How to Plan a Fundraising Event

Internal Controls Checklists

Killer Third Party Events

Non Profit Compliance Checklist

Non Profit Strategic Planning Toolkit

Online Fundraising Assessment

Outcome Metrics: Measuring Matters

Performance Review Documents

Pocket Guide for Professional Development

Principles & Practices for Excellence

Social Media Guide for Non Profits

Storytelling Guide for Non Profits

Super Simple fundraising Plan Template

Fundraising Planning Toolkit/Templates

Volunteer Mgmt Guidebook

Your Best Marketing Plan Ever

Eeven if you’re one of the few who do like your job, if you’ve been working in the same job for years, it can still be difficult to keep the fire alive. Especially after a particularly bad or hectic day, it can seem impossible to stay positive with all the challenges brought on by the economic downturn. 

You may even have had taken on the role of two or three positions, causing your grunt work to increase. All the while, you may be asking yourself, ‘why am I here?’  

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How to Create an Engaging Newsletter

Your Donors Will Want to Read

by Ann Green


I’ve written several posts recently about the importance of staying in touch with your donors throughout the year. Some of you may be saying, “We do that because we have a newsletter.”


A newsletter can be a great way to engage with your donors, but how often does that actually happen?

Unfortunately, not very much because most donor newsletters can be used as a cure for insomnia. They’re too long and filled with boring articles that brag about how wonderful the organization is.


Don’t worry. You can create an engaging newsletter your donors will want to read. Here’s how..... Click Here


By Gail Perry -


Screening sessions are my favorite major gift prospect research tool.


This informal prospect research strategy helps you find out anecdotal information about potential donors.


And the info comes directly from community members who know them – their friends, associates and colleagues.

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Volunteers are a vital part of the social impact sector. Whether they assist with an annual 5k run/walk or a weekly program, a devoted community of volunteers allows your organization to do more than it ever could alone. But volunteers, like any member of your team, need guidance to succeed and help your nonprofit make an impact.


If you educate your volunteers on your organization and prepare them for their duties on the job, you can ensure that your volunteers have a positive experience. Properly trained volunteers can then become a valuable asset to your nonprofit, especially if you can retain them.

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