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The goal of Bristol Organizations is to provide service and non-profit Organizations in the NE Tennessee and SW Virginia, the best possible avenue for mutual communication and the greatest exposure to the community.






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There is probably no need to emphasize the importance of our computers in our day to day operations and monumental headaches that come with computer problems. At this month’s Bristol Organizations meeting Steve Price, President, Trimen Computer Systems, will focus on Cyber Security for Non Profits. While each of these topics can be a separate workshop on it’s own, you will definitely want to attend.

When: Monday, January 21, 2019
Where: Food City, Euclid Ave., Bristol, VA location, (2nd floor)
Time: 11:30 to 1:00 PM
Cost: $10.00 if you eat.... Free if you do not eat
RSVP to:  Gary McGeough at email:

Do you work for a non-profit? Or maybe you’re on the board of a charity or active in a professional or service organization in your community. If so, you know the group collects all sorts of private information, including details about members or people you serve and financial information related to donors. Cyber criminals would love to get their hands on that data. You can help protect the organization by implementing the same common-sense principles that security-centric executives are using. To lean more............ Click Here.


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by Suzanne Smith

A political junkie, I always look forward to presidential elections and watch the democratic process unfold with hope that the winning candidate can make strides in affecting positive change for our nation. While I don’t always expect candidates to work together, I do believe that once a candidate is elected, the act of governing should be more collaborative than contentious. I have seen more collaboration in the social sector, which has led to real results.  

To learn more............. Click Here. 


Guides, Reports & Plans

Brother Business Machines


The last decade has seen many exciting advances in connectivity accelerated by the near universal availability of smartphones and tablets – leading to a highly interconnected world.

The security of networks - and the businesses and individuals that rely on them - has become top of mind for the IT Security professionals who are responsible for ensuring the safety of the data and the networks where this information is utilized.

As high-visibility security breaches occur - affecting e-commerce, banking, retail and other industries - the critical importance of the security of the infrastructure these businesses rely on continues to grow.

Security in the workplace is a daily fact of life. From using ID cards to control physical access, to entering passwords to join the network, to using software to monitor and prevent unauthorized access, all are routinely used to protect critical assets and information. To access a “White Paper” entitled: “SECURING YOUR BUSINESS INFRASTRUCTURE -Today’s Security Challenges & What You Can Do About Them”…… Click Here 


by Mazarine Treyz


Do you ever feel stuck in your job?? Most of us have felt that way at one time or another, particularly if you’re working for a nonprofit. It can be frustrating to see other people around you being promoted, or to be overlooked for outside candidates when the time comes to hire for a higher-level position.

How can you move on up in the nonprofit world? To find out how............ Click Here


By Elizabeth Schmidt

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time lately helping nonprofits beef up their policies and procedures. This is not a wildly popular task. The nonprofits’ leaders believe they have better things to do — orphans to feed, dramas to perform, diseases to quash. If they aren’t actually doing this work, they assume they should be raising funds. Why should they use their precious time and energy to put these boring things on paper that no one will look at anyway?  

To learn more............ Click Here


by Norman Olshansky


Decisions related to acceptance of out of the ordinary donations and pledges can be among the most challenging issues nonprofit professionals and leaders have to address, related to fundraising.

Have you experienced any of the following issues?

How do you deal with a donation from someone who is well known and of “ill repute” in the community who has made their fortune from being a slumlord and now is offering you a lead gift to your capital campaign with the proviso that the building be named after him?  To learn more on this subject............  Click Here



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