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The goal of Bristol Organizations is to provide service and non-profit Organizations in the NE Tennessee and SW Virginia, the best possible avenue for mutual communication and the greatest exposure to the community.







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Bristol's Promise and Bristol Organizations are very excited about our program, Summit Companies will be demonstrating a new online tool that is designed to serve as an additional resource for identifying, mapping, and connecting programs and organizations in our region. This resource is available for agency, organization, and public use. They will demonstrate and to have a discussion about what services to tie to specific causes, issues, and goals. Please don’t miss this presentation.

Save the Date:
When:  Thursday, March 26th, 2020
Where: The Summit, 1227 Volunteer Pkwy., Bristol, TN
Time: Noon to 1:30 PM
Cost: Free
- Bring Your Own Lunch - or order one of these options. $8 for a salad, $7 for a sandwich and chips.  Both come with a homemade cookie.
Your choices are:
  • Green salad with grilled chicken 
  • Veggie only green salad (indicate if you want cheese or not)
  • Croissant with chicken salad
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Leading a nonprofit with a mission that resonates so strongly, people are looking for ways to contribute their free time to help is a great sign of success ahead. Congratulations!

Volunteering can be an amazing, time-efficient, and often low-cost way to build relationships with individuals who are already invested in your mission. It can also be a very convenient form of cultivation where prospective donors come to you AND have the opportunity to experience first hand what it requires to deliver on your mission. To read more in this topic.... Click Here.


Informing the Publilc (PDF)
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Leadership for Board Members (PDF)
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Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Implications
Implications for Non Profits (MS Word)
Get Corporate Sponsorships
   How can my small charity get sponsorships (MS Word)
Samples and Templates
   Various sample letters, templates, etc. (MS Word)
Specialized  Organnization/Board Workshops

Ann Green's Nonprofit Blog

by Steven Shattuck

Building donor relationships is one of the most important things your nonprofit can do in order to maintain a consistent revenue stream and fund your mission. This is because effective donor relationships lead to higher retention rates.


However, there are some challenges that many nonprofits run into when it comes to building these relationships, and many organizations can’t seem to overcome the common roadblocks!  To read more about this subject......... Click Here.


Guides, Reports & Plans



When a key executive, staff or board member departs from your nonprofit, weathering the transition can be a balancing act.

On one hand, your team will need to keep moving full speed ahead on your fundraising projects. On the other hand, without this important individual to lean on, you risk falling off course in your fundraising efforts.

Luckily, when your organization has a nonprofit succession plan in place before you face a transition like this, you’ll always know what next steps to take.

A nonprofit succession plan is a strategic document developed by nonprofits that not only lays out what to do in the event that an executive, staff or board member leaves your organization, but also shows you how to prepare for the departure before the individual ever leaves your organization.

Want to learn more.... Click Here


By Pamela Grow


What’s the one thing that your organization can do to truly connect with your donors on a deeper level, lead to greater bequest giving, and grow your sustainable income — all at the same time?


If you guessed monthly giving, you’re right!  But in the survey that I conducted a few years ago, 31 percent of those responding noted that their organizations did not offer monthly giving. 29%t indicated that, yes, their organizations have monthly sustainer programs, but very few participate. And only 22% of respondents indicated that they enjoyed the benefits of a robust monthly giving program.  To read more in this subject....... Click Here.


Free Talent - Building a Next-Generation Nonprofit

Workforce with Internships, Job Shadowing and Class Projects

By: Suzanne Smith

Everything old is new again. We are so excited that apprenticeship (in all its forms: internships, job shadowing and project-based learning) has made a strong comeback as a hands-on learning experience for all types of jobs.


If talent is the great multiplier for the social sector, experience is the currency that drives many high school, college and graduate students to seek internships and project-based classroom courses. So, to find out how the social sector capitalize on this trend, increase the number of students with internships and provide meaningful experiences, which lead to employment in the sector ……….. Click here


Smart Major Gift Cultivation Strategies:

How to Ask Prospects for Advice and Input

By: Gail Perry


Advice Visits are one of our golden tools to get to know prospective major gift donors – and to find out what’s on their mind. They are a key step in the qualification and cultivation process for major donors.

Advice Visits are based on the old adage:

  •  “If you want someone to give you advice, just ask for money.
  •  If you want money, then ask for advice.”


This makes sense: asking prospective donors for their opinion and guidance always helps to create a closer relationship between the donor and your organization. To read more.......... Click Here



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