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The goal of Bristol Organizations is to provide service and non-profit Organizations in the NE Tennessee and SW Virginia, the best possible avenue for mutual communication and the greatest exposure to the community.






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Many organization, agencies and departments have issues getting their patients and/or constituents to their facilities to provide their serves. In spite of the City/County efforts, public transit is always a problem. This month we will hold a “round-table” discussion with both Bristols (TN/VA) and County transit authorities to discuss the transit issue, hear about Transit efforts to serve and provide suggestions and ideas.


When: Thursday, July 25, 2019 - 11:30 - 1:00 pm

Where: The Summit - CoWork Bristol, 1227 Volunteer Parkway, Bristol, TN 37620

Cost: $10.00 if you eat, Free if you do not eat

RSVP to: Gary McGeough at


By James Beck,  and Garth Paton

The removal of a CEO is costly in terms of the instability it engenders in the organization along with any termination payments and costs associated with hiring a new CEO. While this is often a result of poor recruitment, it can also be caused by boards not having established clear expectations for the CEO from the outset or regularly evaluating the CEO’s performance.

Boards have solid business reasons for undertaking CEO evaluations. Apart from helping directors to meet their fiduciary responsibilities, CEO evaluations can bring benefits. To learn more about this subject............ Click Here


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by Ann Green

Some nonprofits do a good job of communicating with their donors, but many do not and that’s a problem.

Mediocre or poor donor communication will hinder your success. If you wonder why your retention rates are floundering that may be the reason. Here are a few common donor communication problems and how you can fix them.

To read more in this issue............ Click Here


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The Asking Conversation: Ask for “Permission” to Ask

By Gail Perry


So much of fundraising comes down to the Asking Conversation, doesn’t it?


It’s inevitable — because we are simply in the business of raising money.


But asking can be tough: in worst cases – it’s full of fear and trepidation. Other times, it can be just plain awkward.  


Consider looking at it from the donor’s side during an ask conversation.

How do we want your donor to feel when we talk about the investment she could make in our cause?  Above all, consider: What does SHE want to do? How is SHE feeling right now?

Based on my own recent experience of being asked, I felt as awkward as the fundraiser across the table.

No matter what your asking style is, you need to prepare your donor.  To read more in this issue.... Click Here


by Amy Eisenstein

It all started when I recently read the famous quote: "Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Idioms and clichés can apply to many aspects of our lives. I suppose that’s why they stand the test of time, repeatedly spoken and kept in our vernacular. And many of these sayings apply to what you do each and every day.


To access a series of 10 clichés to help inspire your best fundraising efforts........ Click Here


By Keith White


For most nonprofits, board meetings are a monthly occurrence. And you only have an hour or two to take care of business. Your board consists of busy people with family and work competing for their attention. You’ve got to make the most of the time you have together. Planning and executing effective board meetings is an ideal way to keep your board engaged and on track. Plus, it makes you look like the organized, detail-oriented, focused leader you are!

To read more about improving your Board Meetings....... Click Here.



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