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The goal of Bristol Organizations is to provide service and non-profit Organizations in the NE Tennessee and SW Virginia, the best possible avenue for mutual communication and the greatest exposure to the community.







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By Nancy E. Schwartz


Marketing and fundraising are two halves of a whole. But when they don’t operate that way, the outcome of each team’s efforts is far less than it could be, diminishing an organization’s ability to engage its base (and so, to make its desired impact).


Unfortunately, that’s the deal in so many nonprofits. To read more on this subject......... Click Here


by Joan Garry


Riddle me this Batmen and women… What’s the number one issue nonprofit leaders ask me about?


Here’s a hint… It has nothing to do with a disengaged board. You figured it out, right? After all, it’s in the title of this blog post!


Burnout.... How do I avoid it? I know I should take better care of myself. I know in my heart that I will be more effective if I am not running on fumes, but I can’t get my head to execute.


Sound familiar?  To learn more........... Click Here


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By Linda Lombardi


Knowing what to say is a top concern, according to questions the Network for Good support team regularly fields from fundraisers. The most valuable nonprofit messaging guidance we can share with you is to communicate back to your donors first and foremost with what connects them with your organization; what they care about most. To read more on this topic........ Click Here.


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120 Day Fundraising Plan

A year of funding ideas

Anatomy of a Successful Fundraiser

Audit 101- -Guide to Fundamentals

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Super Simple fundraising Plan Template

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Volunteer Mgmt Guidebook

Your Best Marketing Plan Ever

By Gail Perry



Board members and fundraising. These words often don’t mix together very well.


Board members are generally well-meaning, good hearted people. But when you mention the F-Word (fundraising), many board members shift nervously.  What’s wrong? Well, for one thing, they think fundraising is all about “asking for money.”


They think you want them to go out and “hit up” their friends and associates.  Well-meaning but a bit uneducated.

Most board members know little about the science of fundraising: The data that back up our strategies. The emerging new, best practices. How major gift fundraising really works.  To read more on this subject......... Click Here


By Henri Eliot, Founder and CEO of Board Dynamics


Not-for-profit organisations are increasingly looking for a younger presence in the boardroom for the digital skill sets and perspective they can bring to emerging areas of board oversight, including strategy, digital marketing and online fundraising.


Changing a board’s demographics and traditions comes with risks as less experienced directors often require more training and resources early in their tenure to better understand and fill their roles. To read more in this subject..... Click Here


By Joan Garry


We are on the cusp of a huge leadership gap in the nonprofit sector as more and more boomer leaders retire. Search committees and executive recruiters will need to look at more and diverse ponds for leadership candidates. As a result, we see (and will continue to see) lots of “fishing” in corporate America ponds.

Unfortunately, nonprofits are not always welcoming of folks without years in the nonprofit trenches. As a product, originally, of the corporate world, I remember that pretty well. To learn more about this subject..........  Click Here.



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