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  1. Do's/Don'ts of Remote Leadership
  2. Communication is Evolving
  3. Stop Repeating Failed Strategies
  4. Why Board Term Limits Matter
  5. Crafting the Perfect Donation Form
  6. Improve Board Performance
  7. Strategic Thinking and Planning


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The goal of Bristol Organizations is to provide service and non-profit Organizations in the NE Tennessee and SW Virginia, the best possible avenue for mutual communication and the greatest exposure to the community.







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Suzanne Smith, CEO and Founder, Social Impact Architects


If remote work is the future of work, how do you stack up? I have been working with a virtual team since I founded Social Impact Architects 11 years ago. It isn’t easy, but like anything new, it can be rewarding – both for leaders and employees – if you have the right culture, norms, rules and tools. To help you better navigate the world of remote leadership, we have put together our do’s and don’ts within each of these areas. To read more about this subject.......... Click Here.


By Thomas G. Vaccaro

As we near some type of post-COVID-19 re-emergence, what will the new norms be surrounding business meetings, meals and events? Throughout these months of Zoom meetings and socially-distanced small gatherings, we are seeing some predictive signs and trends that may give a glimpse into the business future, particularly when it comes to communication. To read more on this topic.......... Click Here.


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By Dennis C. Miller

Every nonprofit organization relies upon the philanthropic support of others to ensure that the necessary resources are available to carry out their mission. Yet, despite all the knowledge about fundraising, many nonprofits struggle. In fact, according to the “2020 Nonprofit Leadership Impact Study,” 47% of nonprofits report their biggest challenge is having a lack of resources, which include specific positions/roles (58%), donations (55%), marketing budget (55%) and more. To read more on this subject........... Click Here.


Guides, Reports & Plans

Joan Garry

I have had this conversation so often I can write both parts of the script.

Joan: “So when does your chair’s term end?”

E.D.: “Oh, well we don’t really have term limits.”

Joan: “You don’t really have them?”

E.D.: “I think they are in the by laws or maybe they aren’t – I don’t really know – it doesn’t matter I suppose. Board members would revolt if we tried to enforce them”

Joan: “Revolt?” Why?

E.D.: “Well Cindy has been willing to be board chair for the last six years and frankly, no one else wants the job. And as I think about, no one else would be very good.”

So what exactly is the BIG FAT PROBLEM? Ignoring the bylaws? Nope. Although that is a problem.

No mention that Cindy is a great chair? Nope not the headline.

No one else wants the job? Getting warmer, but nope.

Give up?

OK, let’s talk about the big fat problem and why term limits really really matter:........ Click Here


by Ann Green


In the wake of COVID-19, nonprofits everywhere are rapidly adopting virtual fundraising strategies if they hadn’t already shifted to an online platform. In addition to mastering the most effective online fundraising practices, organizations should turn their focus to optimizing their donation forms to break through the clutter.


Here at Snowball Fundraising, we know the best campaigns start with a solid foundation of fundraising software. And of that software foundation, your donation form is the cornerstone. To read more about this topic..... Click Here.


By Dennis C. Miller 

For any nonprofit organization to be successful, there must be a great partnership between the CEO and the board of directors. They must have a relationship built on mutual trust and respect, as well as open and honest communication. There must be a shared sense of accountability and responsibility to the organization and its stakeholders. And the CEO and board must be strategically aligned toward a mutual understanding of the organization’s mission and vision.

But what happens when this basic underpinning of nonprofit success falters? To learn more about board performance.............. Click Here.


Unlocking the Power of Strategic Thinking and Planning

Written by Ruth Knight 

How do you think and plan strategically to address complex missions while balancing resource and workforce constraints? It’s an important question for the non-profit, philanthropy and social enterprise sector. Being strategic appears to be critical if organizations wish to be sustainable and improve employee and client outcomes, yet many non-profit leaders and staff frequently say that they can’t find the time to think or plan strategically.

To read more on this subject............... Click Here.



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